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Gas & Power 

Gas & Power

The G&P business is based on a strong presence in Iberia, while focusing on the growth of its activities in the international markets

Galp's G&P business segment combines natural gas sourcing, distribution and supply activities, which have gradually been combined with electricity generation and supply. The Company also operates in the NG/LNG international markets through its trading activity.


Galp's natural gas business includes a series of regulated and liberalised activities, including liberalised sourcing, regulated infrastructure operations and liberalised and regulated supply to end users in Iberia.


Galp keeps an active management policy of its natural gas sources and has been looking for alternatives and diversifying its sourcing base. The Company holds long-term supply contracts for natural gas with Algeria and for LNG with Nigeria, totalling around 6 bcm per year. At the same time, the Company sources natural gas from other markets, namely the Spanish and the French.

The power business encompasses the multi-generation and supply of energy, either by its wind power capacity or by its cogeneration plants. Galp has currently in Portugal, through its cogeneration and wind power portfolio, a total installed capacity of 357 MW. The installed capacity for eletricity production through cogeneration totals 173 MW, with the most relevant units located in the Sines and Matosinhos refineries. 

Last update: 16 Mar 2017

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