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Marketing of oil products 

Distribuição de produtos petrolíferos

Galp’s oil products marketing business is focused on high-value markets, particularly in Iberia, where it is a relevant player, but also in five African countries

The business focus is the marketing of oil products under Galp’s brand, both through the Company’s large service station network and through direct sales to wholesale clients, also selling non-fuel products, namely at service stations, to maximise those assets’ profitability.


Sales to direct clients is mostly focused in Iberia, but also in some specific African markets, namely Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Swaziland. These markets are believed to have the greatest value creation potential based on the Company's quality and geographic advantages of refining and logistics assets.


The marketing of oil products also includes exports and sales to other operators. Galp operates in the international export market as a route for marketing production from refineries, prioritising markets in close proximity to the refining system. In addition, and in response to a greater demand for oil products in Iberia, Galp supplies to other operators, thus taking advantage of its refineries’ location.



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Last update: 21 Mar 2017

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