A network of service stations covering Iberia and present in Africa

With a network comprising around 1,435 service stations in Portugal, Spain and Africa, retail is responsible for approximately 30% of sales to direct customers.

Galp's market share in the Portuguese retail market based on sales volume is around 30% and aroud 5% in the Spanish retail market. In Africa, Galp owns around 150 service stations. 

Operation models of service stations

Galp has a multifaceted management strategy of service stations, which are classified in four categories:

CoCos (Company-Owned-Company-Operated)

CoCos are service stations owned and managed by Galp. Located in large cities and on highways, their annual sales volumes generally exceed 5,000 m³. CoCos offer a broad range of services, such as shops, car repair shops, car wash services, hotels and fast food restaurants. CoCos are the first service stations to promote Galp's new services and products.

CoDos (Company-Owned-Dealer-Operated)

CoDos are service stations owned by Galp but explored by resellers. Generally, CoDos have annual sales volumes between 3,000 m³ and 5,000 m³ and offer a smaller range of non-fuel products. CoDos are usually located in small and medium-sized cities.

CoFos (Company-Owned-Franchise-Operated)

CoFos are service stations owned by Galp and managed under a franchising model. This model, which we will develop in the retail segment of marketing oil products, will help increase profitability in this business.

DoDos (Dealer-Owned-Dealer-Operated)

DoDos are service stations owned by resellers and explored by resellers. Located in small cities and in the country, DoDo’s annual sales volumes are generally lower than CoCos. The offer of non-fuel services depends on the owner. DoDos help sell products and promote the Galp brand in areas with low sales by offering a small range of non-fuel services.
In Iberia, around 40% of service stations are managed under the CoDo model, while the service stations operated under the CoCo model represent around 25%.

Offer of the retail segment


Galp offers three types of fuels to its clients: Galp Evologic (fuel with high-performance additives – diesel, gasoline 95 octane and gasoline 98 octane), non-additive fuels (diesel and gasoline 95 octane), and LPG Auto (propane gas).


The offer of the Galp service stations reflects the Company's focus in the Premium segment, namely by launching an innovative premium product – Galp Evologic.


The non-fuel business

Loja TangerinaGalp has been focusing on developing its store network, Tangerina, as well as washing services, car repairs, hotels and restaurants. This range of non-fuel products is supported on strategic partnerships with Sonae and Midas (car repair service).
The Tangerina concept aims at refurbishing store spaces and renewing its product range. Galp consistently adapts this range to meet most recent convenience needs.
Galp's service stations offer other services through partnerships with renowned hotel chains, fast-food restaurants and car maintenance and repair services, such as Ibis Hotels, McDonald´s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Midas. Agreements with these companies follow several models, from partnerships to rents that vary in line with revenues.

Last update: 21 Mar 2017

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