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Corporate governance 

Objectivity, justice, integrity, accountability, communication and transparency are the principles that govern the relationships between Galp Energia’s stakeholders, which are put together to result in a balanced and responsible governance of the company

Ever since its IPO, Galp Energia has been perfecting its conduct and social responsibility standards.


This line of action was set out from the start by the board of directors, whose leadership and responsiveness imprint the Company's overall action, particularly the effectiveness of its supervisory and control mechanisms. Galp Energia's shareholders, clients, suppliers, employees and the communities where the Company operates are aware of the high ethical standards governing the interactions between stakeholders.


Shareholders, clientes, suppliers, employees and the community which Galp Energia is part to acknowledge high levels of ethics which govern the relationship between the stakeholders.

In this section we describe:

Last update: 20 Apr 2015

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