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Reporting of irregularities 

Galp Energia’s policy on reporting irregularities has put in place a mechanism for reporting, on a confidential basis, via letter or e-mail, irregularities that have occurred in Galp Energia Group companies to the Group’s supervisory body, the Audit Board

Procedure on Reporting Irregularities

The Galp Group procedure on reporting irregularities – Ethics Line aims to implement the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, in line with the recommendations of the CMVM corporate governance code regarding the internal control duties of the supervisory body, with the Ethics and Conduct Committee created within that body playing a central role.


In this way, any Galp Energia stakeholder, in particular personnel, members of governing bodies, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers or business partners can inform the Audit Board, by sending an e-mail addressed to the Ethics and Conduct Committee to the following address, of any knowledge or well-founded suspicions of the occurrence of any irregularities or breaches of the Code of Ethics, or of the rules that develop or deal with the matters set out therein in the fields of accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, the fight against corruption and banking and financial crime.

See here the full version of Procedure on Reporting Irregularities

Reporting of irregularities form

Last update: 05 May 2017

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