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When and where were Galp Energia shares listed in the Stock Market?

Galp Energia shares have been allowed to trading in NYSE Euronext Lisbon since 23 October 2006.

How many Galp Energia shares are listed in the Stock Market and what is its symbol?

To access more information regarding the listing of Galp Energia’s share in the Stock Market, consult Share listing and information.

Does Galp Energia have a share buy-back programme?

To access more information regarding Galp Energia’s share buy-back programmes, consult Acquisition and disposal of own shares.

How can I invest in Galp Energia shares?

Galp Energia shares are listed on NYSE Euronext Lisbon in the form of ordinary, registered and book-entry shares. Shares can be bought through any brokerage service provider, mainly banks. In order to buy shares, a securities account will be required, in which the shares are deposited. It is not possible to buy shares directly from Galp Energia.

Who are the main shareholders of Galp Energia?

To access an updated list of Galp Energia shareholders, you may refer to the section on Shareholder Structure.

General meetings

When will the next annual general shareholders meeting take place?

To access a updated information regarding the next annual general shareholders meeting, please consult General meeting.

What are the responsibilities of the general shareholders meeting?

The General Shareholders Meeting Board directs its meetings and prepares the necessary minutes, considering the legal provisions regarding the company secretary. To access more information regarding the general meetings’ remit, please consult Remit and workings.

Who has voting and participation rights?

Only shareholders with voting rights can participate in general shareholders meetings. Those with book-entry shares in their name up to five days before the date of the meeting in question are considered shareholders, and can participate in general shareholders meetings. Shareholders without voting rights and bond holders cannot participate in general shareholders meetings. Each share has one vote.

Can I go to the general shareholders meeting with another person?

According to the regulations and bylaws of Galp Energia, the conditions for participating in the general shareholders meeting are established exclusively with reference to the shareholder owning shares that give him/her voting rights, as per the bylaws.

What are the means of participation in the general meeting?

  • Participation in person;
  • Participation by post;
  • Participation by representative.

What is necessary for participating through representation?

Shareholders that are legal entities may be represented in general shareholders meetings by any person. This appointment can be done in writing.


Shareholders, other than the State, who wish to be represented must present the Company with the instruments of representation and, in the case of legal entities, also indicate who is representing them up to five days before the meeting and as per the law. The Chairman of the Board may, however, authorize shareholders who have not respected the given notice period referred to in this point, to participate in the general meeting on verifying that this does not disrupt the meeting proceedings.

How can I exercise my vote by post?

Shareholders with voting rights can exercise these by post regarding each point on the agenda. This can be done through a ballot paper, with a signature identical to that on the identifying document, directed to the Chairman of the General Shareholders Meeting Board, up to the day before the general shareholders meeting. The document must be sent by registered post with return receipt to the Company headquarters. The ballot paper must be accompanied by a legible copy of the shareholder’s Identity Document or, in case the shareholder is a legal entity, it must be signed by the legal representative, with a recognised signature in that capacity. The sending of this ballot does not excuse the shareholder from submitting, up to five days before the general shareholders meeting, a declaration issued by the broker to whom the service of registering the shares has been assigned.


Only those ballots expressly and unequivocally stating the following will be considered:

·         indication of the point or points of the agenda referred to;

·         the specific intended proposal;

·         the precise and unconditional indication of the vote for each proposal.


Votes which are exercised by post subsequently to the proposed date of deliberation of these votes are considered as negative. The scrutiny of postal votes will be made by the General Shareholders Meeting Board, and will be added to the votes expressed at the meeting.

Can I cancel my vote during the period of postal voting?

Yes, from the time it is sent to the end of the period established for this purpose.

If I exercise my voting right by post, can I later be present at the general shareholders meeting?

You may, although your presence or that of your representative at the general shareholders meeting and the corresponding voting right entails a revocation of the vote expressed.

In what way can I include new points and/or proposals in the scope of the general meeting agenda?

A shareholder who has shares corresponding to 2% of the share capital can request, in particular cases defined in the Commercial Company Code, that new points be included in the general meeting agenda. On the other hand, the presentation of proposals can be made by any shareholder with voting rights, until the end of the general meeting.

How is the constituting quorum of the general shareholders meeting calculated?

The quorum is calculated by conferring the total shares retained by the shareholders who have voted by post, added to the shares retained by shareholders who were present and represented at the general shareholders meeting.


What is Galp Energia’s dividend distribution policy?

To access updated information regarding Galp Energia’s dividend distribution policy, consult the Dividends section.

Until what date do my shares have the right to receive dividends?

Only shares held up to the third working day immediately before the ex-dividend date have the right to receive dividends.

What is the amount and the date for the last dividend payment?

To access updated information regarding Galp Energia’s dividends, consult the Dividends section.


When was Galp Energia created?

Galp Energia was created on 22 April 1999 as a state-owned corporation named Galp - Petróleos e Gás de Portugal, SGPS, S.A. and on 13 September 2000 it adopted the current name of Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A.

When it was set up, Galp Energia grouped the state's direct equity holdings in Petrogal, the Portuguese state's holding company in the oil business, and Gás de Portugal and Transgás, which operated the natural gas business in Portugal.

How many employees does Galp Energia have?

For information regarding the Company’s profile and employees, please consult Galp Energia.

What were Galp Energia’s earnings during the last year?

For more details on financial and operating information, please refer to the main indicators section.

What are Galp Energia's main areas of activity?

Galp Energia is an integrated energy company with diversified activities across the globe, from exploration and production of oil and natural gas to refining and marketing oil products, natural gas marketing and sales and power generation. In order to access further information regarding the Company, consult Galp Energia.


What are the accounting principles used by Galp Energia to present its financial statements?

The consolidated financial statement of the Galp Energia group was prepared according to the International Financial Reporting Standards, as adopted by the European Union.


To be considered as part of those standards, are the IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards, issued by the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB), the International Accounting Standards (IAS), issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) and their interpretations – SIC and IFRIC, issued by the International Financial Reporting Interpretation Committee (IFRIC) and Standing Interpretation Committee (SIC), which have been adopted by the European Union.

Why are Galp Energia’s earnings adjusted?

Galp Energia’s financial statements were prepared based on the IFRS and the cost of the merchandise sold, along with the raw materials consumed. Since 1 November 2008 this is valued at averaged weighted cost. The use of this valuation criteria may lead to volatility in earnings at times of price fluctuation of the merchandise and raw material, through stock gains and losses, without this translating into the Company’s operating performance, an effect called the stock effect.


Another factor that can affect the Company’s earnings, without being a true performance indicator, is the set of non-recurring events such as gains or losses in share sales, impairment or replacement of assets and environmental or restructuring provisions.


With the aim of evaluating the operating performance of Galp Energia’s business, the operating earnings and the net replacement cost adjusted (RCA) earnings non-recurring events and the stock effect are excluded by being adjusted using the replacement cost method.

How often does Galp Energia present consolidated accounts?

Since its entry in the stock market, Galp Energia presents consolidated earnings on a quarterly basis. In order to access published financial and operational information published, please refer to Quarterly earnings.


If you wish to know the future dates of presentations of quarterly earnings, please refer to our calendar.

What is Galp Energia’s financial year?

Galp Energia’s financial year is the same as the calendar year.

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