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Case studies 

 Galp | Value-to-society

Galp is committed to creating long-lasting and sustainable growth, which takes into account the social, economic and environmental components of value creation. The impact valuation related to these components through its monetization is a practice in our company.


 Educational Projects

With the objective of raising awareness and mobilizing for a change in behaviors related to a more efficient energy consumption, we have been developing projects in the education area.


 Missão Up

Education project on efficiency in energy consumption, especially focused on the area of Energy Sources, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Mobility and our Energy Footprint.


 Missão Power Up

Education project on efficiency in energy consumption for 3rd cycle students.


 Galp Academy

Galp Academy’s mission is to promote and manage integrated and innovative projects of advanced training that are stable and structural.


 Ecoeficiency in refineries

We assume operational eco-efficiency as a strategic issue that incorporates the risks and opportunities inherent to its management.


 E&P Open Day

Galp Petroleum Engeneering Open Days main objective is to strengthen relationships within the E&P community and to give opportunity to the attendants to know first-hand the state-of-the-art solutions and developments in the area.


Galp has consolidated, on a single platform, all recordings and indicators calculations, which make it possible to ensure the monitoring and assessment of the company’s performance in dimensions beyond the financial one. 



The Cuida-T program was born with the purpose of contributing to improving the health of our employees, managing and reducing the risks inherent in their aging.


 Road Fix Cork

RoadFix Cork project came from the idea of joining cork with bitumen in an open innovation initiative “Innovate in Refining”.




Last update: 14 Jul 2017