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Natural gas 

Gás Natural

Galp's natural gas activitiy includes the sourcing, distribution and supply of natural gas in Iberia. The Company also operates in the international market through its NG/LNG trading activity

The natural gas activities, namely supply, have been gradually combined with the electricity generation and supply activities.


The natural gas sector in Portugal

Composition and workings

In Portugal, the natural gas sector comprises a set of regulated and unregulated activities. These activities range from unregulated procurement and operating exclusively regulated infrastructure, to mixed marketing (regulated and unregulated).

Regasification of liquefied natural gas and high-pressure gas transportation fall outside the scope of Galp's activities. However, importing, storing, medium and low-pressure distribution, and marketing of gas fall within the scope of its operations.

The liberalization of the sector

Decree-law n.º 30/2006 of 15 February saw the Portuguese Government transposing the EU directive about liberalising the natural gas market into Portuguese law. This government decree introduced market liberalisation through free access of third parties in equal conditions and separated marketing activities from infrastructure management.

Last update: 16 Mar 2017

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