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The aim of the power business is to develop a competitive energy generation portfolio with cogeneration plants, wind power and develop the marketing of electricity

Galp Energia currently has an installed capacity of c.175 MW, including cogeneration at the Sines and Matosinhos refineries, which are an important source of natural gas consumption for the Company and also an important source of energy generation for the refineries. These two cogeneration plants represent a consumption of about 450 mm³.


As a provider of integrated energy solutions, Galp Energia created in 2008 a department for trading electricity, which started its operations in September 2009. The purpose was to promote development of the market for electricity with a view to safeguarding the natural gas client base in an unregulated market environment. Galp Energia is one of the few companies in the world with a tri-fuel offer, including gas, electricity and oil products.

Components of Galp Energia's power business

Why enter the electricity market?

Galp Energia's entry into the electricity market occurs in a favorable context and has the following goals:

These goals are in accordance with Galp Energia's view of the electricity market, of its own business and the way it can achieve synergies and exploit the existing infrastructures.

Last update: 31 May 2016

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