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MoçambiqueTotal area: 799,380 km²

Official language: Portuguese

Time zone: GMT +02:00

Main exports: Aluminium, shrimp, cashew, cotton, sugar, wood, electricty

Political system: Republic



Galp is present in Mozambique since 1957. The Rovuma basin's ultra-deep water project is one of the priorities.

Presença da Galp Energia em Moçambique

Presence by business segment

Area 4 of the Rovuma basin, with c.85 tcf of gas in place identified, position it as one of the most relevant regions in the world for the future natural gas production.


Galp has filling stations in the country and one storage park. In 2008 Galp Energia acquired Shell's equity holdings in Mozambique.


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Last update: 10 Apr 2017

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