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SuazilândiaTotal area: 17,360 km²

Official language: English and Swazi

Time zone: GMT +02:00

Main exports: sugar, wood, cotton, soft drinks and canned fruit

Political system: Monarchy



In Swaziland, Galp distributes and sells fuel, LPG and lubricants.

Galp entered Swaziland after acquiring Royal Dutch Shell's operations in the country. Swaziland is an important country within Galp's investment throughout the Indian Southern Africa axis.


In addition to our geographical diversification in Africa, our entry into Swaziland is part of a strategy for the African market aimed at developing business in Portugal by exporting fuel and lubricants.

Presence by business segment

Refining & Marketing

Galp has service stations and one storage park in Swaziland.

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Last update: 10 Apr 2017

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