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Galp Energia at a glance 

Galp Energia is an energy company – finding and extracting oil and natural gas from sites across four continents to deliver energy to millions of customers every day.

Energy on the move.

We are Portugal’s oil and natural gas integrated operator. Our activities span from exploration and production of oil and natural gas to refining and marketing oil products, natural gas marketing and sales and power generation.

The Company's profile 

Turnover:    €17,904 million
EBITDA RCA:  €1,314 million
Net profit RCA:      €373 million
Number of employees:   6,855
Active presence in:    14 countries
Reserves 3P:   833 mmboe
Average working interest production: 30.5 kboepd
Refineries:   2
Service stations:  1,449
Sales of natural gas:   7,472 mm³ 
   data from the end of 2014

Business segments

Exploration & Production Refinação & Distribuição Gas & Power

> Around 45 projects in portfolio

> 1,449 service stations

> 7,472 mm³ sales of natural gas

  • Galp Energia's activity is growing fast, especially in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique with the recent discoveries; 
  • We process oil into refined oil products, mainly marketed by our own network in Portugal and Spain; 
  • Production of oil is concentrated in Angola and in Brazil, with a WI production of 30.5 kboepd in 2014;


  • We are the only refining company in Portugal, and we currently have a refining capacity of 330 kbopd;
  • Natural gas is sold in Portugal and Spain to around 1.3 million customers;


  • At the end of 2014, 3P reserves NE stood at 833 mmboe; 3C contingent resources WI at 3,496 mmboe and exploration resources (unrisked) at  1,605 mmboe;
  • Refined products are primarily marketed in the Iberian Peninsula but also in Africa, with sales to direct clients hitting 9 mton in 2014;
  • We plan to exploit current developments in our power business to increase our sales of natural gas;


  • The development of existing resources, will allow Galp Energia to significantly increase its production.
  • In 2014, the marketing network reached 1,449 service stations.


  • In the power business, our aim is to position ourselves in the electricity supply sector in the Portuguese market.


Galp Energia in the world

Our activities are expanding strongly worldwide and are predominantly located in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Swaziland, Gambia, East Timor, Uruguay, São Tomé and Príncipe, Namíbia and Malawi.


Galp Energia in the world 

Last update: 26 Mar 2015

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