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Company Secretary  

Year of election: 2015

Term of office: 2015-2018

No. of members: 1 permanent member and 1 alternate member

Galp Energia’s Company Secretary was appointed by the Board of Directors of Galp Energia for a period of four calendar years, coinciding with the term of office of the Board of Directors.

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According to the articles of association, in each term of office the Board of Directors appoints a permanent and an alternate Company Secretary.
The Company Secretary is in charge of specialized support to governing bodies, in accordance with the legal powers conferred to him/her in the subparagraphs of paragraph 1 of article 446-B of the Companies Code, mainly supporting the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Galp Energia in the exercise of their duties, acting in such a way that the performance of the Board of Directors complies with the applicable legislation, with the Company's Articles of Association and with the Regulations of the Board of Directors.
The Company Secretary also plays the roles of Secretary of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee and any other Committees of the Company.

Last update: 20 Apr 2015

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