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What defines us  

With a background that often intersects the most striking aspects in the history of Portugal, Galp Energia has in its Portuguese roots - “lusitanidade” - one of its most distinctive traits

The genesis of the Galp Energia group dates back to the early development stages of the domestic oil and natural gas industry. Created from the merger, acquisition and integration of several companies in different times, enabled it to grow and expand its business, and Galp Energia is now an integrated multi-energy operator, present in all stages of the oil, natural gas and electricity value chain.

From these several companies, Galp Energia has inherited the greatest legacies: the essential courage and determination to meet the present and future challenges together with a business culture based on strong ethical principles.


Innovation and continuous improvement, development and individual enhancement, entrepreneurship and orientation toward results, teamwork and customer focus, safety and respect for the environment and ethics, integrity and transparency are not merely buzzwords. At Galp Energia these principles guide the Company's business every day.

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