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Motor fuels 

The Galp fuel's impeccable quality has been tested in the most renowned European laboratories

Galp Energia is Portugal’s leader in fuel distribution through the largest network of filling stations in the country. It also has a strong presence in Spain and some African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Swaziland.


We are responsible for the entire process of production to marketing the final product. The result is the provision of fuels that are safe and with superior quality.


The range of motor fuels currently provides two brands, available only through Galp Energia’s distribution channels:



The additive fuels product line that comprises diesel, gasoline 95 and gasoline 98.






The Galp Energia’s Premium high-performance fuels line. G-Force is a result of AGT technology (Advanced Galp Technology) that differentiates from other products in the market on its level of performance, motor protection, consumption and environmental protection.


We also sell Auto LPG / Auto gas, available in many of our service stations, as well as the entire line of fuel-base with no additives for its supply to other operators. We export our products to other European countries and to North America.