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 Natural gas 

Natural gas is a 100% natural, economical, safe and convenient. So, natural gas is the best for you, an for the planet

Natural gas is produced by nature as a result of the decomposition of organic vegetable and animal sediments, accumulated over thousands of years in natural underground deposits. It is in these pockets that natural gas is extracted and transported to the end user. Natural gas is consumed without going through any transformational process.


Natural gas was introduced in Portugal in 1997 by Galp Energia and several of its companies. It has brought the benefits of an easier, cleaner and economical power source. It has revealed as the preferred source of energy, as of today is the preferred choice for most Europeans in the household, tertiary and industry sectors.


Galp Energia is currently the second largest operator in the Iberian Peninsula, with about 1,300,000 customers, providing natural gas for various uses:


Production of electricity in combined cycle and cogeneration

Industry and services


NGV - Natural Gas Vehicles