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Engaging with stakeholders  
Envolvendo a comunidade e demais partes interessadas 

Engaging with stakeholders

At Galp we are engaged with the community and other stakeholders encouraging the creation of shared value

We engage with our stakeholders as a resource that drives strategic value toward organizational excellence, which builds relational capital and contributes to greater proximity, trust, and risk minimization.


With the goal of creating shared value, we have adopted a strategy that addresses social needs, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, for each context and country where we develop our activities.



  •  To be leaders in customer satisfaction.
  •  Prioritize local purchases (75%-100%).
  •  Increase the number of hours of business volunteering to support the community.
  •  Develop social programs aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  •  Promote educational programs that contribute to the adoption of sustainable behaviors.



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  •  We have a Corporate Responsibility Policy and have updated our Investment Policies in the Community; Acquisition; Quality and Human Rights.


  •  We developed formal and regular listening processes for our stakeholders.


  •  We annually hold the conference Generate Sustainable Value - Future Commitment (Gerar Valor Sustentável – Compromisso cria futuro), involving top management and stakeholders.


  •  We use management tools to measure and evaluate the impact of our Company in the society: London Benchmarking Group (LBG) and Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology.


  •  We implement structured programs of community involvement and support such as UP Mission and Power UP; Galp Solidária; Promoting access to energy in Mozambique.


  •  We provide energy efficiency solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (Galp ProEnergy & Galp Energy Manager) and free training.


  •  We develop innovative solutions for customers related to marketing intelligence and digital transformation. 




  •  Continue to implement the requirements of the standard NP 4469, within the framework of the implementation of the Social Responsibility management system..


  •  Publish a corporate guide with guidelines for drawing up engagement plans with different stakeholders.


  •  Make an assessment and measurement of financial and non-financial impacts to projects of creation of shared value.


  •  Promote the theme of the circular economy in society through the promotion of actions and projects implemented in the Company.


  •  Carry out an assessment of the impact of Galp's supply chain.


  •  By 2020, 50% of our critical suppliers evaluated as A or A+ in corporate social responsibility.


  •  Effectiveness of pre-qualification process: Target > 95% ; target year: 2017.


  •  Number of suppliers audit: Target: 20 ; target year: 2017.


  •  Percentage of Qualified Suppliers: Target: 96% ; target year: 2017.


3. Inovação, investigação e desenvolvimento e promoção de tecnologias eficientes

Last update: 29 May 2017


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