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Exploration and Production 

Investment in R&D is essential to overcome the major technological challenges raised by E&P in the different locations on the planet where Galp Energia operates, especially in exploration of the Brazilian pre-salt layer

For this reason, Galp Energia decided to increase cooperation with the national scientific system in order to develop an Advanced Skills Network in the field of E&P.


Galp Energia is currently developing the following R&D projects:



Modelling and characterisation of fractured reservoirs

Recent studies demonstrate that the association of fracture patterns identified by geomechanics and DFN (Discrete Fracture Network) 3D modelling improve the predictability of fracture patterns in terms of the reservoir, as well as their consistency with the geology of the area.

Galp E&P has in its portfolio various assets whose production of hydrocarbons is dependent on knowledge of the pattern of fractures that affect formations that normally have low porosity and permeability (e.g. carbonates or basement).

This project intends to use the patterns of faults and fractures identified commonly in seismic (interpreted by Galp Energia) and use geomechanical modelling (rheology of materials and application of regional and local stress fields) to characterise them and improve their predictability.

Seismic imaging in reservoirs below evaporite canopies

Using data from existing Galp Energia wells (VSP, Vertical Seismic Profiling), seismic interferometry (SI) can be applied to improve seismic imaging below evaporite canopies and thus obtain better images of the area of potential reservoirs, without using new data acquisition.

This methodology has been recently applied successfully in prospecting for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Seismic interferometry is based on a virtual exchange between sources and receivers that gave rise to VSP on the well, obtaining a record that is not dependent on the bodies above the reservoir, in this case the salt canopies.

Last update: 01 Mar 2012

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